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African Clawless Otter

Cape Clawless Otter

Cape Town Freediving Clip Of The Week 11: Stephan and Martin took a group of snorkelers to Windmill Beach. Windmill Beach is without a doubt the best Cape Town snorkeling spot. On this particular day, the water was 16 degrees, flat and the visibility was pretty good. The snorkelers had already been treated to sightings …

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Common Cuttlefish


Cape Town Freediving Clip Of The Week 10: Cuttlefish rank high on our list of animals we like to see while freediving and snorkeling in Cape Town. These half-octopus, half-fish like creatures are highly intelligent and have amazing hunting and evasion abilities. On this freedive at Glencairn, Stephan spotted two cuttlefish in the ‘dead zone’ …

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Cow Sharks

Cow Sharks

Cape Town Freediving Clip Of The Week 8: It wasn’t too long ago that freediving with 7-gill cow sharks in Cape Town was easy and if you wanted it to be, a regular activity. For the last 4 years though, spotting a cow shark on a dive has become a rare treat. Stephan and John …

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African Penguin

African Penguin

Cape Town Freediving Clip Of The Week 4: Recently, we have had great conditions. Winter really is the best time for exploring the ocean in False Bay! The water temperature went up to 17 degrees and this brought bait fish and yellowtail into the bay. It also sent large rafts of penguins south to Cape …

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