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Our Passion for Freediving

Founded in 2012, by SA multiple record holder John Daines, Cape Town Freediving was the first dedicated freediving centre of its kind in South Africa. We are still the only freedive-dedicated centre in Cape Town which makes us uniquely qualified in this underwater adventure sport. Our team has since grown and so has our passion and determination to offer the best that freediving has to offer. Whether it be recreational or competitive freediving, we see you, we hear you and we will help you achieve your freediving goals and dreams. We love freediving in the magnificent kelp forests around Cape Town and promote responsible eco-conscious freediving as part of our teaching philosophy.

Daniela Daines

Co-owner, Mother, Freediver 1x NR, Nutritional Therapist

A mermaid at heart, Daniela’s happy place is in water – freediving, surfing, exploring and searching for ocean treasures. Her extensive travels throughout Europe, Indonesia and Africa in search of waves and the undiscovered underwater world have ignited a deep love and connection to the ocean. Although she has zero interest in competitive freediving, she is also a South African national record holder and equaled the Pure Apnea DYN Bi-Fins WR at the 2015 SA Nationals.
Daniela is our in-house biochemistry geek and a registered Nutritional Therapist and Yoga instructor. Daniela is now in the process of combining the things she loves: freediving, nutritional and yoga and sharing the deeply transformative and empowering qualities that these can unleash. In true free-spirited nature, Daniela brings fun, passion and enthusiasm to the things she loves with the goal to inspire and create awareness along the way. Body, Mind, Spirit…she has them covered!

Stephan Kirsten

Pure Apnea Instructor Trainer / AIDA Instructor / 8x Namibian National Record Holder 

Born and raised along the cold-water coast of Nambia, Stephan’s travels abroad to warm and tropical water countries fuelled and nurtured his love-affair for the sea. He completed his Level 1 in Thailand, his AIDA instructors in the Philippines and his Pure Apnea instructors in Bali where he spent time teaching. Returning to cold-water territory in 2018, Stephan joined the Cape Town Freediving team as both Sports and Adventure Freediver Instructor.
Stephan is the founder of Nambia Freediving and has helped raise awareness and grow the sport in Namibia. He is also the undisputed record holder of eight Nambian national records (5x depth, 3x pool).
A freedive-fanatic, Stephan says that the sport – whether it be competitive or purely for adventure purposes – always presents new challenges and areas to learn and grow. “In the sports field, there will always be greater depths and breath holds to achieve, and for recreational purposes, new finds, and sites to be explored.”

Ruan Goosen

Pure Apnea Instructor

Ruan’s love for Freediving was prompted by his experience and background in spearfishing. With the intention to better his technique and learn more about the sport, Ruan completed his first course with Cape Town Freediving in July of 2017. This was the beginning of a deep passion for the sport and the drive to progress and overcome personal limits, which culminated in Ruan completing his sports instructor course in August 2018. Ruan is meticulous and passionate about both the physical and mental boundaries that freediving explores. He loves sharing such experiences with his students, exploring and guiding them far beyond their perceived comfort zones. “One of the things that I have learned is that there’s no rigid recipe to becoming a great freediver, each person’s journey depends on their passion and consistency”.
With an impressive breath hold of 5:40 minutes, regular 42 meter dives (limited only by the bottom of the quarry), Ruan is known as the instructor who always rocks green or blue zinc-sunscreen in his ‘student-instructor selfies.’

John Daines

Founder, Pure Apnea Master Instructor Trainer / 3x National Record Holder / Father to little mermaid Mia

John was introduced to the sport of freediving in a cold London swimming pool. He was instantly addicted and has spent every moment since, deeply immersed in the sport. John has been fundamental in developing and raising the profile of freediving here in South Africa since his return in 2006. His depth of knowledge and teaching experience is driven by his love for science and the desire to create truly competent and confident freedivers. He has broken multiple national freediving records. John retired from competitive freediving in 2013 to focus instead on developing the sport and making it accessible to others. Today his focus is on promoting recreational freediving via the Adventure Freediver courses developed by Pure Apnea. John is one of the co-founders and owner of Pure Apnea, a fast-growing international freedive organisation established in 2012 as direct answer to the decreasing safety and standards within the sport.  The goal of Pure Apnea is simple; to spread and develop the sport and recreational activity of freediving while maintaining the highest standards possible. Since establishing Pure Apnea, John has been a driving force in organising and running competitions here in South Africa, providing local freedivers with a platform to compete and be internationally recognised.

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