Surf Apnea is a dedicated surf survival course for surfers, kite-surfers and other water users who regularly find themselves in the surf zone. This course has been designed to equip students with the skills and abilities to handle hold-down situations.

Surf Apnea Course

As freedivers we hold our breath willingly and we spend much of our training perfecting and increasing tolerance to the chemical changes that breath hold brings with it. As surfers our breath holds are out of necessity! The conditions you are under and physical changes you experience are less than ideal. This makes it even more important and valuable to effectively harness the power and ability of your body under a breath hold situation. The Surf Apnea course is exactly that. We will teach you and give you insight into the physical and chemical changes your body experiences, how to train and improve your comfort in breath hold situations and improve your breath hold in wipe out situations. The Surf Apnea course is a full-day, information packed and fun filled challenge. Sharing this with friends and surf buddies will make it even more fun!
Surf Apnea Course

Entry Requirements

+18 years of age | +16 years of age with signed parental consent | +12 years of age with signed parental consent, physician's signature on the Medical Questionnaire and accompanied by a parent/legal guardian | Capable of swimming and snorkeling | Completed Course Register, Indemnity Form and Medical Questionnaire


1 day


R1,800 | Includes: international certification & student manual.


Breath hold theory and physiology, breathing and breath hold practice for freediving & advanced breath hold techniques for surfers | Breath hold scenarios specific to surfing | CO2 tolerance training - this is very specific to surfers to continue training after the course in an effort to improve your CO2 tolerance | 3 Wave hold simulation - mind over matter, putting into practice what you have learnt and giving you tools to keep training and improving your breath hold experience | Certification exam


Once you have successfully completed your course, you will be able to hold your breath for over 2 minutes and be comfortable and safe in multiple hold down situations. You will also become a member of Pure Apnea and receive an internationally recognised certification.

Together with two friends I took the Surf Apnea Course - and again, my mind got blown away. John is such an easy-going but yet highly knowledgable and experienced teacher - guiding us through the theory and physiology of breathing and freediving in the context of surfing, some proper breath holding exercises as well as hold down simulations in the tidal pool of St. James. All in all it was an amazing experience, with lots of epiphany-moments and laughters. After taking the course, we definitely feel so much more prepared to be able to face some serious hold-down moments and big sets of waves in a calm way. Not only life saving but also mind-opening - highly recommended - as a surfer, future-to-be freediver or just water-loving soul. John will definitely change the way you will experience being in the water / ocean.

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