Cape Town, the jewel at the tip of South Africa, is the perfect place to explore the incredible world below the waves. We offer an incredible mix of freediving and snorkeling opportunities from seal and kelp forest adventures to training in freshwater lakes and world-class swimming pools. Our recreational adventure courses are for those who want to explore our amazing oceans and our sport courses are for those who want to enter the world of competitive freediving.

Adventure is only one breath away.

Adventure Freediving Courses

Do you want to explore the wild and wonderful ocean and dream of interacting with marine life? We totally get you! Together with Pure Apnea, we have designed the world-first Adventure Freediver courses which focus specifically on the skills and safety aspects of open ocean freediving. You will gain a solid freediving foundation with added focus on extended dive time, buddy diving and safety. There is a whole tribe of likeminded people waiting to connect and create ocean adventures.
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Sport Freediving Courses

Sport freediving is taught whilst diving on a dive line or in a pool for the purpose of achieving greater depths, distance or breath holds. These courses are geared towards perfecting the skills and techniques required to successfully reach depth and distance goals, to break national and even world records. Our instructors are experienced sport freedivers who have excelled in competitions locally and abroad, hold a combined 13 national freediving records and have trained many of the SA freedive record holders.
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Freediving Instructor Courses

There is no greater pleasure than doing what you love and if freediving is your passion, teaching could be your calling. Becoming a Pure Apnea Freedive Instructor will make you one of the most rigorously trained freediving instructors in the world. Pure Apnea sets the highest instructor standards to ensure that the instructor badge is truly earned. It provides you with the skills, experience and confidence to teach freediving at the highest level. We offer both the Adventure and Sport Freediving instructor programs.
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Surf Apnea Workshop

There is a big difference between willingly holding ones breath undisturbed and unexpectedly being held under by big waves, whilst being tossed around like a rag doll. Surfers find themselves in seemingly life or death breath-hold situations, but in reality are simply experiencing high CO2 levels and discomfort in their minds & bodies. By equipping surfers with knowledge and training techniques we remove the panic reflex which allows for easier breath holds out in the waves.
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Snorkeling Experiences

You are about to explore the Great African Seaforest with one of our passionate guides. These experiences are open to freedivers and snorkelers alike and perfect for anyone keen to learn about our ocean. The location chosen each day is weather dependant to ensure your utmost enjoyment and safety. We may find ourselves among schools of fish, seals, penguins, small sharks or octopus, exploring reefs or simply having our breath taken away by the magnificent kelp forest.
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Freedive Retreats & Adventure Travel

With 2000km of coastline there are plenty of ocean and dive sites to explore and that is in South Africa alone! Our Adventure Travel takes you to the best diving locations in Southern Africa. The location for each trip is based on our own extensive freedive travels, choosing those places that offer the most in ocean scenery, ample animal encounters and adventures. Our freedive trips are open to all certified freedivers and those completing a course as part of the trip.
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We all love numbers… especially sport freedivers. Here are some of ours.

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We have been teaching the highest quality freediving courses since 2012.

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We have introduced thousands of people to the amazing sport of freediving and transformed their lives in the process.

National Freediving Records

Our instructors are experienced sports freedivers who have excelled in competitions locally and abroad.

Benefits of Freediving

Entering the world of freediving is a life-changing step! Your mind and body reset and allow you to redefine your beliefs in what you are capable of and what is truly important in life.

The initial body-mind benefits of freediving may include:

  • Improved breathing patterns and oxygen efficiency
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Increased relaxation and feeling of calm
  • Increased body awareness, fitness and flexibility
  • Improved mood, focus and self-belief
  • Improved stress-resilience and energy

The demands of modern day living create unhealthy levels of stress for most people. Freediving offers a meaningful way to get outside, destress, connect with nature and like-minded people. It opens the door to adventure – exploring and learning more about yourself and the underwater world in the process. Many of our students speak of finding a new purpose, connection to and compassion for the natural world and experience a positive change in lifestyle.

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Our Freediving & Snorkeling Articles feature news, tips, opinions and our latest marine interactions.

Pineapple Fish

Pineapple Fish

The pineapple fish (Cleidopus gloriamaris), also known as the Mailfish or Knightfish, is an intriguing species belonging to the Monocentridae family. Inhabiting the Pacific and Indian Oceans, from South Africa to Australia and Japan, this elusive species thrives at varying depths, typically ranging from 6 to 200 metres, and favouring habitats such as coral reefs

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Sea Pen

Sea Pen

Sea pens, belonging to the order Pennatulacea, are a diverse group of colonial cnidarians, consisting of approximately 200 described species found in oceans across the world. Species vary greatly in size, with the aptly named tall sea pen (Funiculina quadrangularis) being the largest among them, exceeding heights of over 2 m. As predominantly benthic creatures,

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Sea Fan

Sea Fans

Sea fans, also known as gorgonians, are a group of soft corals belonging to the phylum Cnidaria, within the class Anthozoa. These sessile colonial animals thrive in a variety of marine habitats, from shallow coral reefs to deeper continental slopes. Found predominantly in tropical, subtropical, deep sea and polar environments, their presence contributes significantly to

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Finding a Real Octopus

Common Octopus

Belonging to the class Cephalopoda along with squid and cuttlefish, the common octopus (Octopus vulgaris) is a fascinating mollusk inhabiting temperate and tropical oceans across the world. Renowned for its complex behaviour and remarkable adaptability, this species has long captured the curiosity of scientists and marine enthusiasts alike. The common octopus has a distinct bulbous

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