Reef Wetsuits

‘Reef’ is a brand owned by Wetsuits SA which is based in Ottery, Cape Town. Wetsuits SA has been in business for nearly four decades. In 1987 the company changed ownership and the ‘Reef’ brand was established. Reef South Africa is independent and not connected to the international beach footwear REEF brand. Wetsuits SA are a major supplier of water sport related products in South Africa. Other than wetsuits, they offer a range of bodyboards, surfing accessories, apparel and diving equipment.

Reef South Africa
Reef Showroom

We have stocked Reef freediving equipment for many years and have found their products to be high quality, durable and great value for money. We particularly like their freediving and snorkeling masks and their Inferno mask has been and continues to be one of our best sellers. They have continued to grow their range of freediving products and provide a good selection of freediving masks, snorkels, wetsuits and assorted neoprene products.

Reef Factory
Reef Factory in Ottery, Cape Town

The Reef (Wetsuits SA) team is friendly and very helpful. They are a family-run business and their passion for their business is obvious. Their factory and showroom is in Royal Park, Percy Road, Ottery, Cape Town. Below is a selection of Reef products which we currently stock.

  • Reef Mirror Mask
    Masks & Snorkels

    Reef Mirror Mask

    R755.00 incl.VAT Add to basket
  • Reef Fin Grips

    Reef Fin Grips

    R185.00 incl.VAT Select options
  • Reef S-View Mask
    Masks & Snorkels

    Reef S-View Mask

    R655.00 incl.VAT Add to basket
  • Reef R1 Mask
    Masks & Snorkels

    Reef R1 Mask

    R655.00 incl.VAT Add to basket
  • Reef Freezedive Hood

    Reef Freezedive Hood

    R445.00 incl.VAT Select options
  • Reef Charge Mask
    Masks & Snorkels

    Reef Charge Mask

    R655.00 incl.VAT Add to basket
  • Reef Inferno Mask
    Masks & Snorkels

    Reef Inferno Mask

    R655.00 incl.VAT Add to basket
  • Reef Inferno Snorkel
    Masks & Snorkels

    Reef Inferno Snorkel

    R305.00 incl.VAT Add to basket

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