Now that you are comfortable with the basics of freediving, the next step is to freedive deeper, longer and with greater ease. This 3-day course is jam packed with techniques and knowledge that will allow you to extend your depth and time under water. It will equip you with the skills to safely conduct your own training sessions so that you can continue progressing towards master freediver level.

This course is open to adults 16 years or older who are healthy and have completed the Pure Apnea Level 1 course or equivalent. It is a 3-day course. One day will be spent on theory, dry training and confined water sessions. The remaining two days will be spent on depth training and followed by a theory exam. On successfully completing this course, you will be comfortable freediving between 26 to 30 meters.

Price: R4400 – all inclusive (intl. certification, equipment use, pool/quarry fees, learning materials)

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