Coral Wetsuits – Cape Town

Coral Wetsuits, based in Salt River, Cape Town, is our preferred supplier of off-the-shelf and tailored freediving wetsuits and is one of our closest partners in the diving industry. Elaine Mouton started Coral Wetsuits back in 1995, with a staff complement of only two people, as a wetsuit repair service. Over the years the company grew and is today one of the biggest manufacturers of wetsuits in South Africa. One of their biggest USPs is that their wetsuits are manufactured locally in Cape Town and that they offer the option to tailor wetsuits to fit your body precisely. This is a major factor for any freediving wetsuit as comfort and warmth are vital for relaxation and breath hold ability. They also offer a lifetime guarantee on all stitching.

Elaine Mouton
Elaine Mouton, CEO of Coral Wetsuits and all round amazing human being

Cape Town Freediving and Coral Wetsuits have worked together to create a new range of freediving-specific wetsuits. The ‘avatar’ freediving wetsuits have been designed specifically for ocean conditions in South Africa. Our freediving instructors, students and snorkelers use Coral wetsuits on a daily basis during freediving courses and snorkeling experiences, so we drew on their feedback and experiences to design a comfortable, warm and durable wetsuit that also looks and feels amazing.

Avatar Freediving Wetsuit Front
Martin in the new avatar freediving wetsuit

The official launch of the avatar range of wetsuits is only planned for the end of 2022, but the 5mm avatar freediving wetsuit is already in use by our instructors and can be purchased in-store or online. Watch this space for more on the avatar freediving range.

Kids Wetsuits
1 year old Mia in her first Coral wetsuit

In addition to diving and freediving wetsuits, Coral Wetsuits also manufacture wetsuits and neoprene products for kids, surfers, kitesurfers, swimmers, triathletes and even costumes and props for the film industry. They have a wide range of neoprene products, an amazing wetsuit repair facility for all wetsuit brands and can do alterations to any wetsuit.


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