Pure Apnea Dynamic Bi-fin WC 2016 Southern Hemisphere

Cape Town Freediving will be running the Southern Hemisphere competition for the Pure Apnea Dynamic Bi-fin World Championship 2016 on 25-26 November with an extra day on the 27th just for the Southerners. The main event is the Dynamic Bi-fin discipline with optional extra days for Dynamic without Fins and Static Apnea. To qualify for the main prizes, all athletes must take part in the DYN Bi-fin discipline. Athletes can choose either a 25m or a 50m pool for this discipline, but they only have one start. Unlike previous years there will be no restriction on make or model of bi-fins… you can even use your gran’s yellow scuba split fins! (See why here: Pure Apnea)

The format of the competition is as follows:
Day 1, Friday 25th November: Stellenbosch Gymnasium (Coetzenburg)
Pool: Indoor 25m pool
Disciplines: DYN Bi-fins or DNF
Time: 2pm to 6pm
Registration is now open!

Day 2, Saturday 26th November: Stellenbosch Gymnasium (Coetzenburg)
Pool: Outdoor 50m pool
Disciplines: DYN Bi-fins or DNF
Time: 9am to 1pm

Day 3, Sunday 27th November: 20 Main Rd, Muizenberg
Pool: Outdoor STA pool
Disciplines: STA
Time: 9am to 1pm

The entry fee is R250 with free 1 year Pure Apnea Athlete membership or R350 with a competition t-shirt. All athletes must supply a doctor’s note stating “Fit for freediving.” and must hold a basic freediving certification. Without this you cannot compete!

Registration is now open! Contact info@capetownfreediving.com for more info and competition registration forms.


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