Cape Town, South Africa is the perfect place to explore the incredible world below the waves without the need for artificial breathing devices!


Cape Town offers an incredible mix of freediving and snorkeling opportunities from seal and kelp forest adventures to depth training in freshwater lakes and even some world-class swimming pools. We offer recreational courses for those who want to explore our amazing oceans and we offer sport courses for those who want to enter the world of competitive freediving.

Fun dives

Adventure Courses

A 2-day entry level recreational freediving course that will equip you with the skills to freedive safely on reefs, kelp forests and in open ocean.

Explore deeper! Perfect for recreational freedivers who want to reach the same depths as scuba divers.

Become a freediving professional and teach students to freedive recreationally.

Master free diving course

Sports Courses

1-day introductory course which focuses on theory and breath hold techniques.

A 2-day entry level sports freediving course which covers the basics of breath hold and deep freediving.

A 3-day sports course which focuses on techniques and knowledge needed to freedive safely up to 30m deep.

A 4-day sports course which will equip you with the skills and knowledge to freedive up to 40m deep and beyond.

Become a freediving professional and start teaching your own students.

Training day lessons

Snorkeling & Fun Dives

1/2 day kelp forest snorkeling trips suitable for the whole family. No training required. We may find ourselves among schools of fish, playful seals, penguins, small sharks, octopus or simply have our breath taken away by the magnificent kelp forest. 

Certified freedivers can join us for adventure freedives with seals, sharks, fish and explore kelp forests and wrecks.

Beginner free diving course


A unique course for watersport enthusiasts who experience sudden breath holds in rough surf.

Improve and refine your freediving with a dedicated instructor to assist you. Lessons tailored to your needs!


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In Numbers

We all love numbers… especially sports freedivers. Here are some of ours.

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Years of Experience

We have been teaching the highest quality freediving courses since 2012.

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Happy Students

We have introduced thousands of people to the amazing sport of freediving and transformed their lives in the process.

National Freediving Records

Our instructors are experienced sports freedivers who have excelled in competitions locally and abroad.

Benefits of Freediving

Entering the world of freediving is a life-changing step! Your mind and body reset and allow you to redefine your beliefs in what you are capable of and what is truly important in life.

What Our Students​​ Say About Us

The team at Cape Town Freediving are absolutely fantastic. They’re so good at taking complete beginners and getting them comfortable with freediving.
Richard Burton
The course was exactly what I had always wanted it to be, and what a freediving course should be. It doesn’t skimp out on, or water down the safety side of things.
Danny Copeland
Ocean Conservationist
I had an unforgettable experience with Cape Town Freediving ! The course was professional and well-organised. I learned a lot, both practically and theoretically and the instructors, Stephan and Ruan were able to answer all of my questions. Thank you Daniela and team for inviting me into the CTF community!
Jess Stow
Jess Stow
UCT Underwater Club President
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